Geography of the Americas

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Geography of the Americas (CGD3MB)

Week of: Unit Topic Time Weight
Sep. 8 Defining the Americas 25 hrs. 15

"Paddle to the Amazon"

Atlas assgt.: ways to define regions.

Regional "virtual tour"


Urban Concentration

Correlation lab (ArcGIS)

Culminating activity - Americas Board Game

Oct.27 Changing Peoples, Changing Lands 25 hrs. 15

Amazon - Indigenous peoples impact on natural environment

Development patterns impact on natural environment

Rural-Urban migration - Maquiladoras

Case Study - Student Webpages

December examination
Jan. 19 Economies in Transition Criteria 20 hrs. 15


Relationship between regions

Canada-Latin America investment and trade links (FTAA).

World Trade impact on Central and South America

Statistical Analysis of Socio-economic development

Mar. 29 Geopolitics in the Americas A current issue in the news (Haiti) 25 hrs. 15

Canadian Aid

Impact of aid and development projects



May 17 Speaking Out (Culminating Activity) Final Project
15 hrs. 10*

Soapbox performance

Monitoring (on-going)

June examination


*final evaluation