Physical Geography

Climate Unit Outline

At the end of this unit you will understand the factors affecting global climate systems and be able to apply these factors to analyse various situations occurring around the world. You will have a greater appreciation for the both the opportunities and the disasters related to climate that result from the different interactions between humans and their environment, both on a local and a global scale.

1.    Factors Affecting Climate

This section of material may be familiar to you from your Grade 9 Geography (Climate Regions in Canada) and Grade 10 Science (Weather).  We will review the basics of climate, before going on to address different climate related issues.

2.    Global Climate Patterns

With a clear understanding of climate basics around the world we can consider the interaction of  people,  places and climate: What causes storms? What affects their frequency?  their location?  What is El Nino?

3.    Climate Change
  •   What is it?  What? Why? Where? So what?
  •   Who's doing what about it?
  •   What can YOU do?
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