CHaRT is a collaborative project between Crescent School, Havergal College, Ridley College, and Trafalgar Castle School.  Members of each school agreed on a general approach, considered some important components, and divided up the writing duties.  Units were then edited and refined by the entire group.  It is to be employed in the 2001-2002 school year, with on going fine-tuning.

This curriculum, based upon the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines (CGF3M), is designed to make effective use technology for the delivery of curriculum, to utilize sources of expert information, to provide consistency of instruction, to allow for collaboration between students in all four schools, and to analyze and interpret of geographical information. 

The writers made a conscious effort to provide for a variety of learning styles by providing presentations, discovery, labs, simulations, research, and other techniques.  A particular innovation is a series of on-line forums.  A student organized conference is planned for the second year of implementation.


CHaRT's members:

George Briggs (Principal, Trafalgar Castle School)
Barb Macintosh (Head of Geography, Havergal College)
John Nicolucci (Geography teacher, Crescent School) 
Geoff Park (Head of Geography, Ridley College)
Rex Taylor (Head of Geography, Crescent School)

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