Physical Geography

Glaciation Unit Outline

At the end of this unit you will:

1. Introductory PowerPoint presentation.

The introductory presentation explains the processes of glacial flow and describes how a variety of landform features are created by alpine and continental glaciers.

2. Notes on glaciation.

This exercsie takes you to an on-line geology text  where you will find _Class Notes_ on glaciation.  Take notes using the guide as you work through this material.  There is an on-line _quiz_ component through the text so you can check your understanding as you go along.  Stop at the section titled _Isotopic Composition of Oxygen_ (too much for this course!)

3. Confirming your learning with a _visual tour_.

We will now go to the Bylot Island site where you will find a map of the island (near Baffin Island) with links to some amazing photographs of glaciers and their features. Take a tour and answer soem questions.

4. Prep for a quiz.

Chapter 6 of an on-line text has a series of _matching exercises_ where you can match features to diagrams and photographs. If you have completed steps 2 and 3 above diligently, you should find this an interesting test of your knowledge. Your teacher will follow-up with a formal class test.

5. Lab/Activity.

a. Arcview GIS lab.  If your teacher is pursuing the GIS activity it can be found here..

b. Municipal Board Hearing Simulation  If your teacher is pursuing this activity, here it is:

6. Extension Activities.

a. Go on a virtual field trip to Antarctica.

b. Look at some _quick time_ movies of glaciers.

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