Physical Geography

Rivers Unit Outline

At the end of this unit you will ...

1.     Virtual Experience

Click on this link to visit various websites.  You will be observing and recording, to build up your store of background knowledge.

2.     Powerpoint

This Powerpoint presentation will be shown in class, and will also be available on your network at (xxxx).  It covers the stages of a river, and some significant features.

3.    Guided tour of selected sites

Answer questions on specific sites to solidify the material presented in the Powerpoint.

4.    Return to the observations from your virtual experience.

These have been compiled and posted.  As a class you will be re-examining them and offering explanations for as many of them as possible.

5.    Hydrographs and river regime lab

This lab introduces human impact on rivers in the form of changes to the watershed, and the impact of rivers on humans in the form of floods and changing runoff patterns.

6.    ArcView lab

(You can click on the heading above to see the instructions using your Browser.  Alternatively, you can click here to download a Microsoft Word version.)
The human element is extended as each student maps a Canadian watershed and examines its human activity.  A teacher led demonstration provides a model and illustrates one other watershed.

7.    Make a River web site

You will collect and organize information for others to surf.  You will provide many links, but the explanations and descriptions will be your own.

8.    "SILENCED RIVERS - The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams" (optional)

You will read some views about the issue of making dams, and write a position paper on the subject.
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